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Posted on Mon, Nov 28, 2016

DECEMBER Praying & Fasting Details



Christopher D. Smith Sr., Founder & Pastor

Moving Forward for the NEW YEAR

Fasting & Praying in DECEMBER

As we look forward to heading into a New Year, the Spirit of the Lord has impressed upon me to call for a Corporate Fast. This fast is to take place in the month of December and to last for at least 5 whole days(hrs).

Fasting Schedule:

-at least any 5 or more consecutive days within the month of December

Fasting & Prayer Focus:

5 Points of Focus:

- Faith, we will be praying for our Faith to be Edified

- (ref) Jude 1:20 …building up yourselves up on your most holy faith…

- Fellowship, we will be praying for our Fellowship to be Increased

- (ref) 1 John 1:7 …we have fellowship with one another…

- Family, we will be praying for our Families to be Strengthened

- (ref) Joshua 24:15 …but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

- Finance, we will be praying for our finances to be Multiplied

- (ref) Proverbs 3:9, 10 So shall thy barns be filled with plenty…

- Future, we will be praying for our future to be Highly Favored & Blessed

- (ref) Proverbs 8:35 …shall obtain favour of the Lord.

Fasting Detail:

- No food (no solids)

- No Sodas, Alcohol, or Caffeine

- May consume, water, juices, fruits, and vegetables

- Note: NO FRUITS OR VEGETABLES AFTER 7PM-only water & juice!

- Pray (literally) at least 5 times a day, at least 5-15Minutes each time

- NO SOCIAL MEDIA During the 5 days of this Fast

For our Personal & Corporate use: Let’s FAST & PRAY together!